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Spa Etiquette

Tips For A Successful Spa Experience: 

Your trip to Spa Mizan should be a relaxing, rejuvenating experience.  The suggestions below will ensure that you get the most out of your spa experience. However, please call ahead if you are unsure of anything.

Reserving Your Appointment

Peak hours are late afternoons, Fridays and Saturdays, so be sure to book as far in advance as possible in order to ensure getting the particular time, day and service provider that you want. If available, same day reservations and walk-in guests are always welcome.  Multiple appointments are reserved with a credit card or gift card. If you will be attending the spa with a gift card or promotional card, please mention this so that the spa concierge can advise you of any policy that may affect its use. 


Guests are asked to arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. First time guests are asked to complete a questionnaire in order to provide your service provider with important medical and contact information. To save time, these questionnaires can be downloaded from our website and completed in advance of your arrival. Late arrivals will result in a shortened appointment time so as not to inconvenience our other guests. After your treatment, you are invited to spend additional time unwinding in the comfort of our meditation room, our men's lounge area or our women's lounge area. For your convenience, showers are available in these areas as well.

Cell Phones

In order for you and all of our other spa guests to enjoy a relaxing spa experience, we ask that all cell phones be silenced and not used during your spa time with us. Emergency calls will be taken at our front desk and referred immediately if necessary.


If you must cancel your appointment, a 24 hour cancellation notice is required on single services and 48 hours for two or more services.  This gives us time to replace that appointment for our commission-based service providers. Cancellations without sufficient notice will be charged full service prices and charged to your credit card or deducted from your gift card.


Gratuities are personal decisions and left to your own discretion and level of satisfaction. If you choose to tip, spa tipping follows the same rules as restaurant tipping. The average is between 15% and 20%. On parties of 5 or more, 18% gratuity will automatically be added to your bill.

Medical Conditions

Please mention any medical conditions or concerns that you might have when booking your appointment. Certain spa or facial treatments may not be advisable. It is advisable to remove contact lenses before a facial, massage or other body treatments.

Exploring Our Facility 

On arrival, our spa concierge will enthusiastically give you a tour of the spa prior to your treatment. The tour will acqaint you with your surroundings and introduce you to additional spa facilities.


Most guests come to our spa in very casual attire - something they can easily slip off and put away in small lockers. If modesty is an issue, your concerns will be respectfully addressed. Comfortable spa wear, sarongs, robes and slippers are supplied for our spa guests who spend several hours with us. In the privacy of your massage room, massage quests are asked to disrobe to their comfort level before getting onto the massage table. All of our massage therapists are licensed professionals and are trained in proper draping techniques. At no time will you be naked in front of the massage therapist. As the therapist works on you, only that part of the body being worked on is revealed. If modesty is a concern, you can certainly leave your undergarments on. Please know that some oils may get on these garments.  If you are having wet body services: scrubs, wraps, vichey shower and choose to leave your undergarments on, we suggest bringing a swim suit or a change of undergarments since you will get wet.


If possible, we suggest leaving your jewelry at home. If however you have brought valuables with you, please make certain that these items are securely placed in a safe place as you travel from room to room. Spa Mizan is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Our Estheticians

All of our estheticians are licensed and are required to take part in advanced, ongoing training in professional skin care. However, if you prefer a particular esthetician, please don't hesitate to let your choice be known. If you have enjoyed the services of a particular esthetician on a prior visit, feel free to request that person again. If you do not remember who it was, the spa concierge will be happy to research that information for you. If your first choice is not available, we will confidently suggest someone else with the same expertise. If you have particular needs or concerns about your skin, please let the spa concierge know and you will be referred to the aesthetician who can best address these concerns.

Our Massage Therapists

We have both male and female massage therapists on staff. All of our massage therapists are licensed and are required to take part in ongoing continuing education. If you have a preference, please don't hesitate to let your choice be known. If you have enjoyed the services of a particular massage therapist on a prior visit, feel free to request that person again. If you do not remember who it was, our spa concierge will be happy to research that information for you. If your first choice is not available, we will confidently refer someone else with the same expertise. If you have particular needs or if you prefer a lighter or deeper approach, please let our spa concierge know and we will match you with the best therapist to address your particular needs.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a wonderful service for the mother-to-be and helps to relieve the mental and physical stress unique to the expectant mother. However, massage for the expectant mother should not be performed until after the first trimester of pregnancy.  Please inform the spa concierge of your pregnancy when booking your appointment.

Our Stylists

Spa Mizan is also a full service hair and nail salon. With 16 styling stations and 8 manicure and pedicure stations available, we can complete your spa experience with full hair and nail services. All of our stylists are required to participate in an advanced skill certification training programs before going onto the floor and are required to participate in ongoing education throughout the year. Skill levels range from Master Stylist, Advanced Stylist / Level I, Advanced Stylist / Level II and Junior Stylist. Prices vary among stylists depending on their level of education and experience.

Spread The Word

If your vist to Spa Mizan was all that you expected and more, please consider telling others; friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors so they can visit too. If your vist was less than expected, please tell us.