Eyebrows have the ability to change a person’s appearance.  They give us confidence, help us express ourselves all in a look that fits perfectly to our face.  But as we age, eyebrows begin to fall and become lighter and thinner.  So, what can you do to get fuller brows without having to manually fill them in daily?  Microblading.  In simple terms, microblading uses an individual stroking technique to create a semipermanent tattoo where there once were eyebrow hairs to create a thicker and fuller brow.

The small details of a person’s face can actually affect your perceived age.  Eyebrows frame your entire look.  When they are hard to see they can have a huge impact on how old you look.  Whether thin from over tweezing or aging, sparce eyebrows can create an aging look even more than wrinkles.  Microblading can give you back that full youthful eyebrow you want and achieve the brows of your dreams.  Changing your eyebrows by just a few millimeters has a significant effect on how your eyes themselves look. Women look younger and ultimately more attractive when their eyebrows stand out.

Microblading & Manual Shading$450