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How the Sun Affects Your Skin - Part I

As more and more of us are planning our summer vacations around fun in the sun, I think it is important to know exactly how the sun affects the skin.

Has winter been harsh on you?

Living in the south means dealing with humid conditions. Our hair and skin become accustom to the humidity, which provides us with moisture. This all changes in winter when humidity levels drop, and we spend more time indoors with heaters that dry the air out.


The holidays are a special time of the year, With added entertaining and little time to spare, here are some very special holiday gift suggestions with a conscious to help enhance this holiday season. They combine nature and science to create premium, quality plant-based products for hair, skin and body. Every product reflects an active respect for the planet’s people and resources.

Sensory Journey

Sensory Journey – we all have different aroma memories. Unlike other senses, smell channels directly to the brain's system that is home to memory, emotion and imagination.

Avoiding Acne and Rosacea

Acne and rosacea are often perceived as skin conditions that are somewhat the same but they are, in fact, quite different and should be treated differently. They can, however, co-exist, making it even more difficult to get a clear diagnosis.

Glitter Polish

Sprinkles and Sparkles aren’t just for cookies and cupcakes anymore! Fall 2013 brings them to our fingers and toes. Whether it's “Pink your World” by ORLY, “Your Present Required” by China Glaze, or SPARITUAL'S “Ha... Ha...”, “Conversation”, and “Burst”! Who knew polish could be so much fun!